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You can activate the "prepaid voucher" in TheFork Manager directly.Once you enroll, your diners can buy prepaid vouchers and use it at your restaurant when you reopen.It will give you the opportunity to receive some income now, helping you stay afloat until we recover from the global conditions.


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Go to the search bar at the top of the homepage and search for your restaurant. You will be redirected to your restaurant’s page on this website, where you will find all the instructions you need to join the initiative.


Frequently asked questions

For Restaurant-goers

  • « What is Save Our Restaurants? »

    Save Our Restaurants is a grassroots initiative powered by TheFork and TripAdvisor, designed to bring people and organizations together to support the restaurant community during the COVID-19 health crisis. It’s our hope that by providing this resource, we’ll be able to mobilize loyal customers to provide much-needed support to their favourite places in town.

  • « Who built this? And why? »

    TheFork & TripAdvisor initiated the project as part of a joint effort to support the whole restaurant community.

  • « How do I buy a Prepaid Voucher to support a restaurant I love? »

    You can choose any amount from USD 10 to 250.

  • « Can I choose the amount that I want? »

    You’re free to choose the amount that you want to give, any gesture is welcome.

  • « Is the payment secure on the platform? »

    TheFork and Tripadvisor have chosen Stripe, an established payment service provider to secure transactions on the platform.

  • « How else can I support our local businesses beyond purchasing a prepaid voucher? »

    Delivery and pickup are great options! Some restaurants that don’t normally offer delivery have started to offer curbside pickup during the pandemic so check their websites, TheFork Apps, and social media to see what’s available.Tip generously if you can (even for delivery/pickup), since employees are doing extra work

  • « Can I donate to Save Our Restaurants? »

    We’re not accepting donations directly. Instead, we encourage you to purchase prepaid vouchers from your favourite restaurants to provide funds directly to them.

  • « What happens if I buy a prepaid voucher from a restaurant that then permanently closes? »

    With government and social responses changing at a rapid pace, many restaurant owners are faced with the decision of closing permanently. While this is the time they need our support the most, Save Our Restaurants cannot guarantee that restaurants will reopen or refund Prepaid Vouchers if restaurants are forced to close. We strongly encourage consumers to learn more about their rights under their card issuer’s cardholder agreement and from national consumer protection agencies.

  • « How can I share the Save our Restaurants initiative with my friends? »

    The restaurant industry is facing an unprecedented situation. It’s up to us to come together as a community to provide support for the hard-working owners, operators, farmers, delivery drivers, and all the people who keep this industry going. Save Our Restaurants will make a difference if every diner in every city gets involved. We encourage you to share this website with as many friends, family members, and restaurants as you can. When you buy a voucher on the platform, you will be able to share your action on social media in one click.

For business

  • « Why is my restaurant listed in the Save our Restaurants Directory? »

    All restaurants, whether they are partner restaurants of TheFork or not, may be listed on the platform. In this difficult period, we must be united, which is why we have chosen to include and support all restaurants. This initiative will also be accessible from TheFork's app and website where users can easily purchase prepaid vouchers from participating restaurants on their listing page. TheFork will also strongly support the initiative by reaching out to its community of users, offering them the possibility to participate in this movement.

  • « How does TheFork handle processing fees for customers purchasing Prepaid Vouchers from restaurants? »

    TheFork does not charge any fees on Prepaid Vouchers purchased from restaurants and proceeds from the sale are paid directly to the restaurant after the deduction of normal transaction fees from Stripe, card networks, and banks.

  • « Does Save Our Restaurants charge a fee to list a restaurant? »

    There is no fee involved in adding your restaurant to the directory.

  • « How can I encourage my customers to buy Prepaid Vouchers? »

    People are looking for ways to support their favourite businesses, so don’t be afraid to let them know that buying prepaid vouchers from you will help. Reach out to your community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and use your email list (in compliance with privacy laws) to get in touch with your customers. Ask them to consider buying a Prepaid Voucher to help you weather this storm and keep paying staff, so that you can continue offering great food/coffee/etc. for years to come.

  • « I’ve temporarily closed my business as a result of COVID-19. Can I still offer Prepaid Vouchers? »

    It is your decision whether to allow diners to purchase Prepaid Vouchers from you while you’re closed. Many restaurants are using Prepaid Vouchers as a continued form of support while they’re closed.

  • « I’ve permanently closed as a result of COVID-19. Can I still accept Prepaid Voucher purchases? »

    No. Restaurants with no plan to reopen must not register and offer Prepaid Vouchers. Save our Restaurants aim to support restaurants that are temporarily closed only and that plan to honour the vouchers upon reopening. If you’re planning to close permanently, offering prepaid Vouchers is against the law and could result in criminal sanctions.

  • « My business offers Prepaid Vouchers, but your site says we don’t »

    More information soon

  • « How can I add my restaurant to the Save our Restaurants directory? »

    More information soon